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A Metal Attack from Essen / Germany



Volker Mostert (vox)

Gregor Vogt (guitar)

Patrick Sondermann (bass)

Marco Vanga (drums)


The metal band GREYDON FIELDS,


hailing from Essen, Germany, 

initially meant to be a project rather than a band, was founded in 2008 by guitarist Gregor Vogt and drummer Riccardo Vinti.

Within a short time, a bunch of killer songs with ambition and catchy
melodies had been written. After initial difficulties in putting together a
stable line up, the band was eventually completed by the joining of singer /
rhythm guitarist Patrick Donath in 2012 and bassist Jochen Klapheck in 2013.

“Room with a View“ (EP 2013)
Then the recordings for the self-produced debut album "Room with a View“ could begin. The EP got a lot of metal heads enthused within a short time. The CD contains six diverse songs, reflecting the various musical influences of the band. Thrash metal elements were skillfully conjoined with classic hard rock riffs. A number of live performances gave the band some public exposure within and beyond their home Ruhr valley.

“The God Machine“ (Album 2015)
In August 2014, previous singer Patrick was replaced by Volker Mostert,
which turned out to be a stroke of luck for the band. Within less than one
year, the songs for the band’s second album “The God Machine” were
written and recorded. The new album is due for release in September 2015.
The new line-up was also taken on the road to play a couple of shows. With matured songwriting and a vocalist perfectly blending into the band’s sound, Greydon Fields are stronger than ever. The album’s sound has been crafted by engineer Dennis Koehne (Sodom, Melechesh, The Very End). Once more, the album artwork has been ingeniously created by “Killustrations“. Hence, it’s no surprise that Greydon Fields pin their highest hopes on the release of their new album.

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